Quantitative Analysis

Quote from Images of Organization by Gareth Morgan: In an essay on the use of statistics as a basis for public policy published in 1954, British economist Ely Devons drew parallels between decision-making processes in formal organizations and magic and divination in tribal societies. He noted that, although organizational decision makers would not normally think…
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Helping Africa


Entrepreneurship in Africa is sexy these days. Social networks are flooded with stories of young people building wild contraptions to solve everyday problems. And they are good stories. Full of heroes on journeys. Real people and real struggles. So we felt lucky. In the Scandinavian spring of 2014 a group of friends and I headed…
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Creative Engineers


How does one get a bunch of engineering students to trust a creative exploration when no sign of a definite solution or result is within sight? I recently facilitated a three-day workshop for a group of cross faculty students  participating in a sustainability competition at VIA University College. My colleague and I were called in to…
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I sold my iPhone

Today it is one month ago. I sold my iPhone and swapped it for an old Sony Ericsson. The decision was quick and spontaneous, but the thought had been growing on me for a while. I bet everyone have had the idea. Like quitting Facebook. I had become increasingly addicted to my phone and would…
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